Welcome to Immunet

Immunet is a dedicated group of scientists and clinicians who seek to discover how to use the immune system to improve health; our most valuable asset.

Over the next decade, New Zealand will experience significant demographic change. Not only will we have a large proportion of elderly people suffering diseases and disabilities associated with aging, there will also be a greater proportion of infants and young people of Māori or Polynesian descent – people who are more susceptible to asthma and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and meningitis.

As well as these demographic changes, problems such as drug resistant diseases, the ever-increasing cost of antibiotics and viruses such as H1N1 will continue to place an enormous financial burden on New Zealand’s workforce and healthcare system.

Immunet seeks to alleviate these issues by developing new and improved immunotherapeutics and diagnostics as well as fostering new knowledge by providing quality teaching and training for students of immunology.

FACT: 10 children die every minute from vaccine-preventable illness.

FACT: It cost $45 million to eradicate smallpox from the world. Each year in the USA alone, $500 million is saved because they no longer have to vaccinate travellers against smallpox.